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Value Pack 4pk Mane-Stay Horse Shampoo, Conditioner, & Detangler

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Our value pack (qty 4) of Mane-Stay horse shampoo, conditioner, & detangler, is an all in one solution for giving your horse the best, from mane to tail. There is no need to buy multiple types of products to achieve the perfect end result, which is a show winning sheen.

Mane-Stay® value pack as a shampoo & conditioner:

Simply apply Mane-Stay® in the same manner as any other shampoo & conditioner, to achieve an outstanding result. Wet your horse’s coat, then add the shampoo & conditioner. scrubbing Mane-Stay® into the horse’s coat, will allow the lotionized shampoo the opportunity to create a barrier between the horse’s skin and dirt.

Mane-Stay® value pack as a detangler:

By applying this product without water, Mane-Stay® acts as a detangler. Apply the product to the mane and tail of the horse, and work the product into each area. By leaving the product in, you are allowing the lotionized product to soften the hair of the horse. After a few minutes, or even longer, simply brush the product out of the mane & tail. For added sheen, water can be used to rinse the product after application, then continue to brush the areas accordingly.

4 reviews for Value Pack 4pk Mane-Stay Horse Shampoo, Conditioner, & Detangler

  1. John Reardon

    I’m glad I bought the 4 pack, being I have 6 horses to groom. Works great.

  2. Jill Jacobs

    I had my order in 3 days. Thank you.

  3. Hank Willis

    Best product to use. Period.

  4. Stacy Noerenberg

    I set my box on the ground in my driveway by accident, and forgot about it. When my husband came home, he ran over the box. I thought it would be destroyed, but the bottles didn’t break. I’m amazed.

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