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Commercial Pack 12pk Mane-Stay Horse Shampoo, Conditioner, & Detangler

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Our 32oz bottle of Mane-Stay® horse shampoo, conditioner, & detangler, is an all in one solution for giving your horse the best, from mane to tail. There is no need to buy multiple types of products to achieve the perfect end result, which is a show winning sheen.

Mane-Stay® 32oz as a shampoo & conditioner:

Simply apply Mane-Stay® in the same manner as any other shampoo & conditioner, to achieve an outstanding result. Wet your horse’s coat, then add the shampoo & conditioner. scrubbing Mane-Stay® into the horse’s coat, will allow the lotionized shampoo the opportunity to create a barrier between the horse’s skin and dirt.

Mane-Stay® 32oz as a detangler:

By applying this product without water, Mane-Stay® acts as a detangler. Apply the product to the mane and tail of the horse, and work the product into each area. By leaving the product in, you are allowing the lotionized product to soften the hair of the horse. After a few minutes, or even longer, simply brush the product out of the mane & tail. For added sheen, water can be used to rinse the product after application, then continue to brush the areas accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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5 reviews for Commercial Pack 12pk Mane-Stay Horse Shampoo, Conditioner, & Detangler

  1. Bonnie Smith

    As the owner of a boarding ranch, we use this product every day. Before Mane-Stay, we used multiple products for what this does in one solution. Also, we use way less than we did with multiple products. A little goes a long way. I highly recommend this product

  2. Dwayne Kowalski

    I use this for all of my horses.

  3. Krissy Parnell

    I wasn’t sure that I should buy a whole case, but I loved it so much that I gave away a few bottles to my girlfriends. They love it as much as I do.

  4. Steven Clark


  5. John Weisner

    I have personally used this product on my dogs and I used some to wash my own hair, it was amazing, my dogs coarse hair came out shining clean, fresh and manageable to brush.. Can’t wait for more of their advanced product lines. Top Notch.. Get in touch with them..

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