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About Us

Mane-Stay® is a subsidiary of Go2-Brands®, an industry leading manufacturer of cleaners, polishes, personal care, & detergents.

85 Years Of Expertise, Producing The Best Products.

Go2 has more years of expertise in our industry, than most living people.

Is Mane Stay an 85 year old product? No. It’s a newer product, formulated & refined from a similar proven product for humans. It’s been carefully tested & proven.

Only after seeing our spectacular results, did we realize the various uses & products we could create within various niché industries.

Shortly after, Mane-Stay was born.

Our Promise to You

We have 4 fundamental promises to our customers. Our promises are best quality, safety, satisfaction, & most importantly love.

Safe To Use

Our products are safe for external use. We wouldn’t dare create a shampoo that isn’t.


We are committed to ensuring you are completely satisfied, or your money back.

Best Quality

Comparing our product to the rest of our competitors, only reaffirms that we have the best products.

Made With Love

We created this product out of love for animals. We continue to make Mane-Stay® for the same reason.

Only The Best Quality Products

At Mane-Stay® & Go2-Brands®, we are committed to creating the absolute best products on the market.

Our products are rigorously tested, to ensure safety, quality, & our key ingredient “love”.

We love to create the best products on the market, to ensure our customers are both satisfied, & love our efforts.

The Mane Attraction

Join the Mane Attraction for updates on all things horse & equestrian related. Here's a helpful hint: We send you coupons for our products. Sshhh... Don't tell anyone... Or tell EVERYONE. It's really up to you.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Saturday 9am-7pm CST

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