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Horse Lovers Wanted

Best Selling Horse Shampoo

Specially formulated for white & black horses, Mane-Stay® acts as an all in one shampoo, conditioner & detangler. Mane-Stay® contains no ammonia, skin drying solvents, or abrasives, giving you show winning sheen, without the harmful chemicals. Our horse shampoo & conditioner cleans, softens, smoothes, and protects your horse’s coat, from mane to tail.

Why Mane-Stay Wins The Show

Mane-Stay® horse shampoo is specially formulated to create a protective barrier, with it’s thickness, and lotionized cleaning agents. It’s aromatic Lilac & Lemon scent, is both soothing & stress relieving. Here is a brief overview of why Mane-Stay® is the absolute best choice for trainers, ranchers, competitors, and hobbyists alike.

The Mane Attraction

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Hours of Operation

Monday-Saturday 9am-7pm CST

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